Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a chanel like classroom..?

After the register with us, you have to login here.
As we all know, in our platform we all are connected to share perticular educational videos here, So it is neccesory to create channel here and upload their lecture here.
For creating channel, after the login you can see the option in the nav bar thats name, create channel. you can add channel name and upload image and you saw your channel is created.!!

Can I attend the lecture for free..?

We are providing the demo for free to our users, that means for each and every lecture all users can show the video of first 11 minutes for free.
After the 11 minutes you have to pay us.

Can any one upload their video in any channel..?

Before uploading video user have to create their channel first, and also one user can create one and more channels.

If User create 2 or more channel, is it possible..?

Offcourse, it is possible to user that they can create one and more channel.

How can user upload the video in individual channel..?

At the time of uploading video their are an option is comming for the users, in which the user have to select their channel, user can select one or more channel that means the user can upload one video in to one and more channel bye clicking once.